Harvard Club Membership Benefits

We invite you to join the Harvard Club of Tampa Bay, one of the school’s oldest alumni clubs. The Harvard Club of Tampa Bay is over 90 years old as a Harvard alumni club, serving over 1,500 Harvard graduates, students and their families in the Tampa Bay Area.  

Membership in the Harvard Club of Tampa Bay is your way to “activate the equity” you’ve earned as a Harvard graduate. Come to great events, be part of a member activity, join a committee, connect with fellow alumni, learn from the best business and career thinking, or just make friends and have fun. Join this amazing club and remain an active, informed and committed part of the Harvard community.


There are many reasons to join:

Personal and Professional development – A wide variety of programs in many industries, including business, law, finance, retail and the media, and professional development seminars provide an opportunity to interact with the local leaders that we read about and powerful executives who are not as well known.

Event Discounts
– Members pay a significantly lower fee for events and the breakeven on membership can be achieved by attending a few events in a year.

Members Only unique benefits.

  • Members only events - Some of the most exciting programs are only open to club members such as the Global Networking Night.  
  • Members only access to Harvard conference calls and web conferences
  • Members only access to event podcasts and Harvard Faculty presentations
  • Members only access to our website, with member only areas

Networking opportunities – Events provide a unique opportunity to connect with other Harvard alumni in a relaxed setting. Our recent Global Networking Night is just one of the many events we have where you can truly connect with other Harvard alumni in your neighborhood.

Personal interests and fun – Programs have included art events, unique sport events, mini reunions, mixers, volunteer and family events.

Volunteering opportunities – from interviewing Harvard applicants to strengthening the club to helping improve the Tampa Bay Area, we have a number of volunteer opportunities for you.
Special events for recent graduates and admits – This year we welcomed the most recent crop of freshmen to our annual holiday party, and we have a number of events to benefit recent graduates. What a terrific way to settle in and to remain in touch with classmates.

Support for Harvard – This is a meaningful way to support the school that for most of us was a life-changing experience. Remain an active, informed and committed part of the Harvard community.

Leadership Development – The club is primarily run by volunteers. We have exclusive executive positions with the club. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore skills that you may or may not use in the office, as well as to work closely with other Harvard grads.


Who’s eligible to join the Harvard Club of Tampa Bay?

The Harvard Club of Tampa Bay is open to all Harvard alumni, their families and their parents.  Most of our members reside in the greater Tampa Bay Area.

Questions? Please email Jason Grinstead,