Gasparilla Film Fest: A Light Beneath Their Feet

Come out and support Harvard Alumni Involved in the upcoming Gasparilla Film Fest, directing and producing "A Light Beneath Their Feet".

Valerie Weiss (HMS '97 MM.Sc. & '01 Ph.D.) has directed, and Robert Johnson (HLS '99) and Jeffrey Loeb (HLS '04) have produced, a feature film titled A LIGHT BENEATH THEIR FEET that will be screening at the Gasparilla International Film Festival in April here in Tampa! One of the actors, Carter Jenkins, was born in Tampa and grew up in Carrollwood.

The film will be screening on Friday, April 1 at 7:00pm at the Helene & Leonard Marks Theater 7, 1600 E 8th Ave, Tampa, FL.  Tickets can be purchased at Gasparilla Film Festival Tickets (!schedule/c1ppg)

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What is the movie plot?

In the last few months of high school, college-bound Beth contends with the typical rites of passage —deciding on a school, finding a date to the prom, managing peer pressure from the mean girls, and questioning an uncertain future. As an intelligent and mature young woman, Beth longs for her independence, but is torn between the prospects of her dream school, UCLA, or sticking closer to home at Northwestern to care for her mother, Gloria (Taryn Manning of Orange is the New Black), who is struggling to stabilize her bipolar disorder. Set to a broody but wistful indie-rock soundtrack, this coming-of-age drama sets itself apart in its bold exploration of mental illness and its effect on the family as well as the afflicted. Director Valerie Weiss assuredly elicits strong performances from the entire cast, including the young lead, Madison Davenport, and Taryn Manning, whose performance firmly establishes her as one of the rising stars of her generation.

If you have any questions or if you need any additional information, contact Jeffrey Loeb.

Jeffrey Loeb (HLS '04) Producer - A LIGHT BENEATH THEIR FEET

Note:  This is not a Harvard Club of the West Coast of Florida (Tampa Bay) event, but is an opportunity for alumni to come out, view and support the work of fellow Alumni participating in the Arts here in Tampa.